Friday, February 10, 2006

CHAIR A New 'Old' Chair'

Hi, my names Marianne, I'm a guest of Miri this week.
I'm quite late with my illo, but i think it a worthy subject.
I found this chair with someones trash. My sketch depicts
the rehabilitation
taking place on said
chair,using; screws,
glues, and sweat.
I will post with an
updated sketch or
photo, when this
project is completed.


HARDWAX said...

I really like your chair marianne-Can you do that with people to? Sharp

clouds said...

Hi Miri,

thanks for commenting. . .

you said "can you do that with people too."

well, you can think of it as repairing a chair

you can think of it as chair bondage. : -)

"can you do that with people too?

repair them or bondage them?

he he he he

HARDWAX said...

Your love of trees and people shines through with that answer/question.

Anonymous said...

marianne i know you can create whatever you want to and do it great so DO IT !!!