Wednesday, December 20, 2006



steve said...

Another wonderful and bittersweet piece from you Miri. It saddens me so much to see this thing and makes me wonder why some people have pets in the first place.

Mauricio said...

Very Nice!!!!!

Happy Xmas!

Happy 2007!!

studio lolo said...

I just want to take this dog in from the cold :( I agree with many people don't even think that pets will be cold, or that they would love to be a part of what's going on. There are way too many folks who shouldn't have them. And then there's us! (Thank goodness)
Wonderful painting!

Issi said...

beautiful painting, colours, its amazing illo,
Merry Christmas :o)

md said...

i must be slow, real slow wasn't sure who needed the helping here. I saw the dog and thouhght maybe him then i saw the ppl and then thought well maybe them. but seems it was the dog and ur right way to many ppl neglect animals and shouldn't be the owners of them. makes me wonder if they have any common sense (the ppl) i know the animals do. well any ways just wanted to say another good one with alot to say.

AndyDoodler said...

Another grrreat one- though sad again.
Great how you've sort of hidden the dog by lack of color and light- relative to the people and all what they are concerned with. I see many a homeless people with pet dogs- - hope the man from your 1st "Help" will meet this dog and pair up, and at least they'll find some unconditional love and comfort if not a home.

Anonymous said...

Two most excellent Christmas paintings ... capturing more to the truth :) ... Enjoy!

Niki said...

Merry Christmas :-)

the heartful blogger said...

I love the way each of your pieces of work could tell a story. I absolutely adore the glow and the shadows in this. Wonderful.

And, Merry Xmas!

The Tart said...

So touching.

Happy holidays, Ms Miri

Cranberry kisses,
The Tart
; *

Pssst. I love your work ... looking forward to more good stuff in 2007!

frank h said...

help and help2 are great! I liked them a LOT