Sunday, February 01, 2009


I like touching up photos if they're not quite right, and I
feel much better now about this one. la la la la la la la


studio lolo said...

heee-heeeee!!!! I'm on the floor! Those are some pretty perky shelves for the birds to perch on. I suppose it helps that she's cold :D
Thanks for the laugh Miri!!
I didn't see this snowball coming!

isay said...

LOL! ohh fun fun fun and i love it!

i like your banner,too--- it seems it's wood like decorative kittens glued on the wall and can come to life when they want.

best regards

steve said...

what a charming little view Miri - wonderful. :)

AndyDoodler said...

Hahaha Beautiful 'flawed' photo- and-gulp- the 'fixed' one too (two)! & funny what Lolo said. Guess you weren't exaggerating about the weather. I think winter is my fav. season.
Seriously- really great photo- and added figure (perfect pose and...) and rich red birds. Shows how something so cold can be so warm- dependent on how one looks at it- & it's yin yangish.

studio lolo said...

so nice to see you, #40 ;)

I'm flattered.