Monday, April 06, 2009



steve said...

Incredible work! Love the shades of red here. I wonder what is in the jar.

Anonymous said...

OH oH i must me late with my post if im commenting on yours 1st lol.
uhmm I'd say they be salmon eggs in that jar, for trout fishing.Like the way you illuminated them in the bottom of the jar, also great glass reflection on the jar: michael dailey

kj said...

your reditions are incredible!
i bow to your talent! and i don't bow too easily...


kj said...

hey hardwax,somehow my home page is screwed up. my main blog is options, not careers. hope to see you there.


studio lolo said...

The Talisman Prescription?
The red room is powerful. Kind of trippy Miri! While trying to make out the object on the left, this shadowy figure of a woman appeared in the doorway. People have a way of turning up that way in your work. I love the mystery of this. Of all of your work, honestly.
I'm going with the interpretation that this is a bottle of pills that bring magic in the form of false courage.
Pass em' here, would ya?

studio lolo said...

Look here, YOU are so NOT jealous!!
Annoyed? I don't think so either.

Maybe I should have posted the image without the description but I wanted to honor the giver. It really is all about me huh?!!

Ironic really, since I run from attention ;)

studio lolo said...

It was taken as funny! Now that I read my comment back to you it does make me sound like I took it the wrong way.
I actually laughed when I read it because you always make me smile.
Nothing you say (or create) ever misses the mark my dear.


isay said...

the red colors perfect and also the lighting. it must be a magical talisman.

AndyDoodler said...

I agree with Laurel- magic little pills- a false talisman- need a talisman to protect against the talisman. Peeerfect mysterious, dangerous atmosphere for the topic and the interpretation- another awesome painting!!!

Brine Blank said...

WOW...what a great mood created by this and the limited color palette. WOW again...glad to see you're back up and running.