Tuesday, March 31, 2009



steve said...

Oh wow, love the perspective, subject and element of danger Miri ! So good to see your work again and you posting again. i'll have to link you to my blog!

kj said...

the movement in this painting is incredible!!!

studio lolo said...

Miri, I shrieked when I saw that semi coming!!! Never mind the kitty/duckling danger on top of it. Yikes, too much to handle.

Okay, here's how it's goin' down.
Mother duck is trying to lead her ducklings to safety when Tom comes along and makes them move faster and out of the path of danger!

Whew. That was a close call ;)

You always have me at the edge of my seat!


Annette Q said...

This painting has such a unique quality- love your technique!

michael dailey said...

i like the vultures up in the tree tops waiting for it all to unfold lol
does make u wonder what ducks are thinking when they do such things poised are just plain clueless.

studio lolo said...

I can't believe I missed the vultures.
This looks so much like a scene right from the Salinas valley.

I came back to see if the ducks made it across ;)

isay said...

your painting gave me so many ideas for a story and I had fun creating it. this is so cool, one of your best.

AndyDoodler said...

Nature vs. nature- (with some nurture- though nurture is nature- urr-umm) it's all in the programing and luck of the duck.
Love this- the painterliness of the foliage & sky- the whole picture for that matter & the atmosphere, perspective, and the always intriguing meaning left for us to ponder.